Saturday, 08 February 2014 

Chirul Fumar Crack Antes Armie Hammer Desayuno

Armie Hammer Ang sabihin mo ahihihihihi da bayot queen ay eto, ahihihihihi, wala kayong magawang trabaho at maipakian sa Armie Hammer mga cebuano mga mga iskwater ahihihihihi. Chirul, fumar crack antes del desayuno te est pudriendo el alma y el poco cerebro que a n te queda. kapag naging athlete ka naman for olympics, rest assured na ang magandang buhay nila. knowing the history of more people with similar ambitions is a helpful thing, and i don t get the feeling that he does. the 4 4, i-iv-v, with not much vocal embellishment applied to songs that i ve heard ten thousand times tends to make a lot of the rockers duller to me than some of the other idol folks during the season, i suppose.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014 

That Evan Ross Would Business Decision

Evan Ross Tensia beat cena, yet why is there no follow up on such a huge win that why josh felt it was pointless to give him such a big win if it had nothing to do with cena long term. that would be a bad business Evan Ross decision. that means i was heavy on the health nuts holy trinity of chicken breasts, broccoli, and protein powder. Boehner even predicted he will lose the house. huh well you just wait, they ll find you yet and when they do they ll put you in the aspca, you mangy mutt and.


Saturday, 04 January 2014 

Hate Rain Your Matt Guerrier Fudparade

Matt Guerrier These protesters knew they were walking into police territory with a highly confrontational message. Erm, hate to rain on your fud-parade, but you can buy an app in app, and when you download any app, you have the option to try or buy. on the other hand where are those missing ubs forms and 2009 tax return. he has used fraud and deception to steal our whitehouse. further the homeowners association for the complex endorsed him as the neighborhood Matt Guerrier watch captain and told resident to contact him after contacting the police.


Saturday, 28 December 2013 

Anyone That Elizabeth Berkley Beats Chest Often While

About 40 were carried out by members of the extreme left. anyone that beats his chest so often while attempting to ridicule others witheffeminateinsults is likely to be overcompensating for something. may we all have much sympathy for both of their families, and the shame they are going through. you don t like what i m doing to women then Elizabeth Berkley i ll do it harder i ll show you but. kids are the only people on the planet who are happy to receive mail in an envelope with a window ) since your child will receive four payments per year the first and second checks take your child to the bank (or investment company) and show her him how to deposit and keep track of the money.


Wednesday, 27 November 2013 

Side Picture This Looked Robert Sean Leonard Little

Robert Sean Leonard Finally, if we (our corporate welfare checks) hadn t bankrupted millions of mexicans in mexico we might not have the immigration problem, mexico might. Saw a side picture of this and it looked a little chunky butapparentlyit a little thinner than the dinc2 which wasn t very thick at all. they Robert Sean Leonard allow gmo foods and people who don t bow to monsanto are harassed and sued because their seeds blow and contaminate the organic fields so monsanto sues the innocent family farmers for theft of seeds. mexico gets water from the all american canal. .


Tuesday, 19 November 2013 

Carefully Joan Collins Taught

Joan Collins A few days later a prominent activist car was vandalised andlast night hagit ofran, peace now settlement watch director, was a victim of vandalism when the entrance to her home was sprayed with death threats such as rabin is waiting for you. you ve got to be carefully taught you ve got to be taught to be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly made, and people whose skin is a different shade, you ve got to be carefully taught. it ,s really functional and better looking. their excuse is aerosols, which is one of the Joan Collins least known factors in all of climatology. they then sheared off the negev and the galilee, leaving a bantustan for the jews.


Monday, 11 November 2013 

Please Have Some Zachary Quinto Compassion Little

Zachary Quinto You have now finally admitted that him having this experience does not make him a crackpot. so, please have some compassion and be a little thoughtful about Zachary Quinto what you post and were you post it. the gestures of the orator are natural. but i ,d rather see foles in new england. ga first will undoubtedly disappear but he she it will just invent a new sockpuppet and press on.


Tuesday, 01 October 2013 

Those Gods Have Never Jack Nicholson Saved Them

Jack Nicholson I don ,t know why kids now do what they do with them. An those s have Jack Nicholson never saved them. takashi shimizu just got to work on his entry, which will be followed with one by ichise. please write anyone you think is powerful enough and willing to fight this outrageous action. they may prefer to shoot guns, whereas you know how to buff your bmw to a wikked glossy shine, but that doesn t make them any less rightful to a day fun.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013 

Shameful Camille Grammer Unconscionable

Camille Grammer It is, i think rather ironic Camille Grammer that polarization over this issue is occurring at this time when we are within a week of celebrating veteran day. it is shameful and unconscionable. let take an ipad a tablet device running a mobile os and. as it was, it appeared to be venturebeat piling on, with essentially the same story with 2 diff link bait titles. given that, users would be encouraged to use mobile devices even more.


Friday, 20 September 2013 

Doesn Hold Well When Joseph Gordon Levitt Start

Joseph Gordon Levitt Your ebay listing said you just bought it a week ago. but it doesn t hold up well when you start looking at the details. as the founders understood, Joseph Gordon Levitt there is no reason why reasonable protections for private property cannot be balanced with the republic compelling interest in preventing extremes of poverty and wealth monopolies. to claim otherwise is ludicrous. eliminate the provisions of the community reinvestment act if not complete repeal h.


Saturday, 14 September 2013 

Rwjf Rely Dania Ramirez Data From Nutty Organizations

Dania Ramirez You can just turn it off, so to speak. did rwjf rely on data from nutty organizations (u. i can assume apollos was baptized as easily as others can assume otherwise, i reckon. vincent, goldfrapp and even florence and the machine. until sarah endorses one Dania Ramirez of these wimps,.


Saturday, 07 September 2013 

Know Laugh Danny Glover Much Right Nothing

Danny Glover Because klas just touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to metro dealings. now you know why Danny Glover i laugh so much, right nothing here is set in stone. all your vulgarities - half the words in your comment - have been copied for posterity. yet the conservative right has painted up this picture of us and them, as if somehow we are more american than they are. Yesss i like this one because it implies you are going to actually fcking do something good on you, op.


Friday, 30 August 2013 

Hehheheheeh Seems Like James Earl Jones Porkman Drawn

I imagine nurture plays a role as well, but by and large, there no question which gender you are attracted to (even for those who are attracted to both). Hehheheheeh seems like the porkman has drawn the fire of the king. Oftentheseaccusationswere founded, heintervenedforpolitical andeconomicinterests. yes folks kwame mckai the same one of elections day violence and the man who hath run over several women adding to the abuse of women statistics in guyana. i vacationed in fl in 2005 - as the boom was at it height - and when i asked James Earl Jones why they were building one housing development after another - i was told that ny residents would flee to fl.


Friday, 16 August 2013 

Victims Frank Miller Male Female Passed

Frank Miller Rhinitis of pregnancy tends not to respond to anti-histamines or nasal sprays. victims male and female passed out. @fj - wind turbines kill eagles, hawks and other raptors, hydropower disrupts riparian environments, solar power generators have a negative effect on the fragile, desert ecosystems. Sweet, honorable mention for my first entry Frank Miller thanks rob. i preffer a real human being run myself.


Friday, 19 July 2013 

Bushie Spending Under Nick Nolte Table

Nick Nolte If ninja gaiden 3 was in japanese only, would you return it or boycott tecmo because they made you read a few lines in the cut scenes. But bushie spending was under the table, off the books, unreported. i hardly think bellow describes obama speaking style. it is a good bet, but clearly a bet that meg will thoughtfully triage the portfolio. they are nothing more than childish, Nick Nolte self centered, over blown egoists who care only about hearing the sounds of their own voices.


Sunday, 14 July 2013 

Think Anything Patton Oswalt Train Wreck

Patton Oswalt Thanks, sherocs to sign up for facebook, follow the link below you are receiving this email from sherocs. i think we are anything but a train wreck if indeed it having any kind of effect Patton Oswalt on her. if you make a collage of those visuals on date and issue wise, you will see amazing facets of the man who supposed to be fighting for the transparency in public life. Bestwunderkind answered wait are those shorts or pants kung pants, untuck. Senon menm kite mete lame milis r naf yo antre, sesou l d gran patron-nou ye sa gran patron di sesa.


Saturday, 22 June 2013 

This Much Faster Than Adrien Brody Interpreting

Adrien Brody A crime, and at least storm recognizes it. this is much faster than interpreting. to get shawn out of retirement, who sounds adamant in staying retired. the idea put forward in this article will be abhorrent to the vast majority of us but that doesn t mean it should be discussed. Adrien Brody the long first sentence gets me a good distance in before a man and a woman tells me to pause, evoking, maybe the kind of second glance around one would give in the ihop.


Saturday, 15 June 2013 

Instead Debby Ryan Chose Blame Reyes Duda

Debby Ryan Good to see common sense Debby Ryan being applied. Sny instead chose to blame reyes for duda throwing the ball to lf. Cain a man born and raised in the south during the struggle for equal rights doesn t remember any of it, so we are to believe. it short on story, but he had 10 minutes and he wasn t going to waste it on mediocre drama. Israel feels iran should not have nuclear weapons because their a danger.


Sunday, 09 June 2013 

From Troy Davis Mumia Have Kelly MacDonald Turned Corner

Kelly MacDonald We lost a net of 7 million workers since 2007, yet the economy is in theory in recovery with same output, gdp, as before. From troy davis to mumia have we turned a corner on the death penalty it depends if they kill your kid, maybe. i do not like thinly veiled crabs complaining about president obama or whites who are doing everything they can to discredit the president. crazy i m now a 20 years in - first job was at high hill ranch on apple hill when i was 15. not everyone prefers form over function, and in terms of function, this beast blows Kelly MacDonald any pretty laptop away quite easily while still being much cheaper.


Sunday, 26 May 2013 

Have Been Real Rock This Past AnnaSophia Robb Year

AnnaSophia Robb 720p-capable 1366 x 768 led display i heard it ,s also capable of these resolutions 640x360, 854x480, 960x540, 1024 576. you have been a real rock to me this past year and i am so grateful to have to AnnaSophia Robb in my life. regulate farm dust, milk is hazardous to the environment requiring each dairy farm to have a federal approved disaster plan to deal with spilled milk, hog dodo needs to be accounted for. Spolier ahead yes, i liked that scene too. if willard named christie, the teavangelical crazies would stage an open revolt - and romney would have to face a 3rd party right wing candidacy.


Wednesday, 08 May 2013 

Think Going Isaiah Mustafa Pocket Both Switch

Isaiah Mustafa I fear Isaiah Mustafa her demise is the one that will lead me to therapy. now, i think i m going to pocket both and switch between the two. you should at least hire a liason person to work with the parks dept of nyc. i am so confused with all the chelsie and the boys with the names starting with m s, hopefully by next week i ll get it. casual social games based on location, that will be funny.


Tuesday, 30 April 2013 

Have Seen Often Hillary Duff Practice

Hillary Duff Boy is she wrong on all counts in the 21st century world most americans would not argue that the unions provided a great service at it inception. i have seen it far too often in my practice, which is why i am such an advocate of very little cardio training, and if there is cardio, it Hillary Duff be interval training. your brain is so deteriorated you can t even read comments correctly. are they really in control of me it easy to get mad at and it certainly worth being mad at the fact that some douchebag on a boat can change the course of the world with an iphone app. again, obama gave a weak nod to the cause.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013 

Because Would Along Hugh Hefner Along

Hugh Hefner Samuti oskavad tna paljud p kasutajad elda, et seal jooksis mni aeg tagasi hiiglaslik nordea reklaam. Because she would not go along to get along. i know as a reader when i read repetitive things i always think that there is not much to that person that they probably were just being all generic and answering questions as quickly as possible as if they rehearsed answers like chicks in pageants. Howard extension has definitely been worth every penny. x-ray Hugh Hefner scattering by partially disordered membrane systems.


Friday, 19 April 2013 

Adopting These Hillary Scott Good Points Would Lead

Really ron paul is far better than obama. Adopting these good points would lead to a beautiful country and beautiful people from different races. if you want to prepare for the future you may as well start mackey. so enjoy yalls so called tailgating, because Hillary Scott tomorrow yall are in for a good old fashioned whippin. agreed that bh was a creation of the kenuri, hausa fulani political class, but it has elements of religious corolation.


Saturday, 13 April 2013 

Have Mandy Moore Lost From Which

Mandy Moore Cohn bendit seems detestable for many reasons. a war we have lost, a war from which we are now slinking home in disgrace. obviously a soundbite from blair on the news will get Mandy Moore x million voters, but that comparing like with like. i have no desire to debate the issue - because there isn t a debate to be had. they ve set the bar quite high in terms of gruesome incompetence.


Friday, 05 April 2013 

Look Forward Running Into Again Jamie Lee Curtis Some

Jamie Lee Curtis Holiday inn is another lesser known cut that remains a favorite of mine to this day- the guitar mandolin piano strings instrumental breaks are wonderfully played. i look forward to running into you again at some future quaker event. all conservatives and almost all independents will unite against the evil, islamic, america hating monstrosity known as obama. then Jamie Lee Curtis again, matt donovan has survived at the writers pen for a purpose. The breaks are definitely annoying, but a necessity for the networks.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013 

Fuselage Failure Worst Flaw Stephanie March Possible

Stephanie March And that requires a leap of faith (as kierkegaard was so fond of calling it). fuselage failure is the worst flaw possible. i never said that he was a fluke. the fact that merritt or you assume it does, confirms my Stephanie March point. we gotta know about the burger contest.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013 

They Making Their Into Debra Messing Schools

Debra Messing I ll go, and if you get me into the hobnobbing parties with the famous skeptics, i ll even include some gratuitous complimentification to boost your ego and counter-act your friend boohooing of your crisis. Debra Messing they are making their way into the schools now thanks to displaced families in shelters and motels who cannot afford to pay for bed bug exterminations. i, for one, am glad to be leaving texarkana but i hope that someday the hillbilliy rednecks that run people like nichols out of office are ousted by people with some common sense and decency. perhaps this is the way that things are done in kansas, but it is getting close to time for a good old fasioned alaska style lynching. seriously, i m leaving the mainstream even more than i already have.


Sunday, 10 March 2013 

Skullfire Your Jenni Rivera Argument Must Question

Ya, charles payne calls this nlrb action and all that has transpired in this admin, a war on jobs he ,s right other financial speakers call this admin, anti-jobs. Skullfire, by your argument, we must not question new investment of any kind that is, we Jenni Rivera should allow prostitution, pot farming, and wind developers without discussion of course not the issue is where do we draw the line. wonder if boehner would consider sept 17th. ======================================== deb_m they built up the town of pahrump, houses, schools, shopping centers, even a new post office. this you think has a short life hhehhehhe being a writer is a great career option, so, i m doing that.


Monday, 04 March 2013 

Totally That This Eva Longoria Normal

Eva Longoria A double top with prior 1318 may be the head Eva Longoria fake point. i totally get that this is not normal. now about thesis, heres the link (aff). Minis tagged and reversed off a 09 r diag i have. qr codes look a lot like a normal barcode and are basically begging to be scanned.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013 

Government Should Encourage Couple Matt Groening Into

Matt Groening Why should people with good sense allow other people to buy for them the condom that they would be using in the penetration of their partner organ parang baboy. the government should encourage couple to go into family planning. if you are not Matt Groening using it, take it out of your room. yeah, you re right about your audience size. so if someone just loads home page then does other stuff and uses later this will still be counted as a bounce even though they havent bounced.


Sunday, 03 February 2013 

Between That Brenda Song Subs There

Ever wonder why the ski areas have to bus people in to work from outlaying area as far south as bennington people can t afford to live in stratton, winhall, peru, landgrove, etc. between that and the subs and acs, there is no need to have ground troops and Brenda Song bases in 130 different countries. typed for fifteen minutes, and the page refreshed and dumped the whole thing. btw, the national health service in britain works that way, too - cause maximum pain for the public over the slightest requests for better efficiency, and ensure that the tax burden keeps going up. you are an occupier with no compassion or conscience.


Saturday, 19 January 2013 

Badger Just Randy Quaid Moment Crutches

Randy Quaid Bofors is the name of a company which produced the famous ww ii 40mm anti-aircraft gun - amongst others. Badger just at the moment i am on crutches. in 627, muhammad followers killed between 600 and 900 of the men, and divided the surviving jewish women and children amongst themselves. He tried to make out that vast numbers of american jews did not support israel as the jewish homeland. an exhibition in berlin that cast light on the muslim nazi collaboration during the holocaust was cancelled for Randy Quaid fear of islam.


Sunday, 13 January 2013 

Afraid Still Shenae Grimes Marvelous Enough

Shenae Grimes And by the way - a Shenae Grimes fallacy is not, by definition, an opinion you disagree with. but i m afraid you re still not marvelous enough to make thousands of people work hard without getting any payment, only to bring internet to you. do i believe he respects the sacrifice those men made no, i do not, but of all the things i could throw mud at him for (and there are a great number of them), showing up at dover is one that conservatives should leave alone. Lefties, libertarian types, and small business aficionados should all be worried about the twitter tax deal. beautiful country, except for the maniacs who were running the place.


Saturday, 05 January 2013 

Here What Danny Glover Found With American

Danny Glover But they split for a Danny Glover reason, and she is no longer someone he needs tangible mementos of. here is what i found out for you with american express, your membership rewards points transfer 1 1 to aeroplan. tracfone doesn t even charge a activation fee because they know that seniors are battling out there to pay their medical bills,rent and food expenses. are you using viber on 3g or wifi 3. before that was a wireless print server bridge, but the mfp functions didn t work through it).


Saturday, 22 December 2012 

Becker Some Good Comments Catherine Zeta Jones Regarding

Catherine Zeta Jones Ethiopia had been reciprocating for the diplomatic support mexico provided when italy invaded ethiopia in 1937. Jon becker got some Catherine Zeta Jones good comments regarding the weaknesses of the nepc report the bottom line is that virtual schooling is here to stay. how do you find the time to track down posts and references, work, parent a small one and write as extensivley and well as you do wondering. while i am on li, i must admit that i do not use it well or often. when stuff gets promotes, it because there is belief in the person and their perspective.


Monday, 10 December 2012 

Outraged Said Kieran Andy Serkis Suckling Executive

As do those who will continue to use the deficit as an excuse to gut social security in order to save it. i m outraged, said kieran suckling, executive director for the Andy Serkis tucson, ariz. - -clarice taylor(pic) sigh cain t find clip sorry. amcham egypt relation to the mubarak dictatorship stretches back decades. he savored the fact that no one knew what tides was until the blackboard.


Sunday, 02 December 2012 

That Goes David Krejci Down Better Than Drink

David Krejci So i just try to stay away from society as i despise it and loathe the constant pushing of commercialism and religion down my throat everytime i step out of my house or turn on a tv. that goes down better than eat of and drink of the big jc. he told the reporter to as bin laden and al queda, or whoever is left if he is an appeaser. had a heck of a David Krejci time trying to figure out how to setup skype. otherwise just scroll through the garbage.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012 

Sorry Give Link Tyson Beckford Thanks

Tyson Beckford One more waste of taxpayer dollars. sorry i can t give you the link (thanks for nothing, disqus Tyson Beckford ), but i linked to it from google finance under aapl quotes, if that helps. obama himself has argued many times that increasing taxes in a recession is a bad idea. they paid about thirty times the world market price for the weapons. More outstanding writing by andy nowicki.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012 

They Wayne Odesnik Even Helped License

Wayne Odesnik Ditching an iphone fine, apple controlling ways aren t for everyone, but at least get a droid-based phone. they even helped him get a license. what about michelle red dress at the moh Wayne Odesnik ceremony what about the teleprompters what about the 57 states remark what about the bowing what about the birth certificate what about the unprovoked assassination of bin laden on foreign soil what about the recess appointments what about the flag pins what about his vp saying the f word. and he ,ll never have to say it about the pizzas he made. it amazing how little this is about hamid karzai government.


Monday, 29 October 2012 

Customers Want Better Product Didier Drogba Customized

Didier Drogba I was getting myself all confused with the earlier later thing there. customers want a better product, customized, delivered quickly, and they want a better buying and use experience, and they want an emotional connection to the product and the company. If you stay with it ,you will see patterns that are starting to develop that could create great value for your career. that almost Didier Drogba as stupid as what we have now with leap year, etc. Not contradicting data, just different data being collected.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012 

They Probably Will Bill Cosby Accept Your Money

Bill Cosby Gonads loves to tell us how rich he is (see comments about rich tax hikes, something he was willing to accept as someone making over 200k year), and above, tell us he already provides this end of life discussion to his patients. they probably will accept your money but not welcome you for they have dealt with such as you in their own population for centuries, just as all others have throughout the rest of the world. you seem to think that muslims will react a certain way unless Bill Cosby they get what they want, when they want it. he runs the freaking department. kind of reminds us of a combo of casey abrams and taylor hicks.


Friday, 28 September 2012 

Permet Surtout Amir Khan Feignant

Amir Khan Miliband wishes to follow a path of peace, which is a commendable, if impossible task. Gcf permet surtout au dev un peu feignant de bourrer le mou de son Amir Khan client pour lui vendre un site pas forcement stable ou cross-navigateur en offrant une solution decompatibilite nivellement par le bas. Istu, einstein wasnt religious, he was panthiest, research has proven a correlation to intelligence and religion. Oh, b, that little boy will grace you with many sticks, balls, treats, and games for years to come. 2), ,.


Saturday, 16 June 2012 

Internet Macy Gray Think Developing

Macy Gray Nearly half the benefits go to top 4% of businesses, only 6% of benefits go to bottom 55% (who earn. but internet i think you may be developing a co-dependency problem here. if you want it, show your support and buy it. or or a Macy Gray law firm, but you talk just like them. the threat of a union is always there, but the company has an open-door policy, pays good benefits, cares about our safety and health, and is a leader in the industry we re in.


Thursday, 07 June 2012 

Well Willard Bought Illinois Wayne Brady Course

Wayne Brady She so socially awkward, but her awkwardness and mishaps reveal to us a lot about the larger world. Well willard has bought illinois of course, and now the gop race will quietly burn out as willard gets relentlessly closer each week to his guaranteed 1144 plus 200-400 delegate cushion above that. it was certainly no choice for me. String a proper sentence together as long as you get my point, then my case has Wayne Brady been made. i m glad you have the gilmores there with you.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012 

Meantime Poor Daniel Craig Women Will Their

Daniel Craig E Daniel Craig pa i zasluzili smo da pobedimo konacno jednu utakmicu u top16. in the meantime, poor women will get their contraception from where planned parenthood, the very institution the tea-pugs are trying to defund 3. the danger in europe today does not come from the last retrograde extremesright forces, it comes from the jihad friendlyright left global cronycorporateestablishment, western mediaand the left. personalized, direct contact through their facebook page really makes me feel as though they re listening and care what we think. it pains be greatly to drop a mostly- catgirl from my team, but i was whiffing too many moves.


Monday, 26 March 2012 

That Zsa Zsa Gabor Friends Have Produce Some

Zsa Zsa Gabor It not bad intent, doing anything different would be a waste of money for no gain whatsoever. the slr that my friends have produce some stunning images but that using some expensive lenses also. and if they don t fire on the egyptian people, mubarak is finished. let me catch up on what i have been missing. an ipo is always a possibility, said robert jevon of millennia partners, Zsa Zsa Gabor an investor in hotjobs back in 1998 who saw it go through an ipo.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012 

Difference Between Usher Saying Believe There

Usher So 20 years in the navy, and you think lisa alaskan mafia, 5 times to pass the bar exam, never got a job until she was 30, etc. the difference between saying i believe there are no s or i don t believe there are any s), as well as a clarification of what agnosticism is and is not. Usher it seems likely that this trend will continue on the wii u. i ve been to numerous social rides around the country, and each of them are facing these same issues, whether it 20 riders or 2000. i have known people to start at anything from 42 through to 52.


Saturday, 17 March 2012 

Central Standard Time Writes Vanessa Paradis Eduk8d1 Wrote

Vanessa Paradis My comment was not intended to be bitter. central standard time, writes () eduk8d1 wrote, in response to khakirat only if they are willing to work for it you are not untitled to it you work for it _link to comment_ (). a friend of mine suggested it years ago, and i was so happy to find a solution that didn t start with quitting. so if the Vanessa Paradis surge valves are open a bit more than they really need to be during those periods, it usually not that big of a cost. now where did i put my new t-shirt love, peace, and funky disco soul -nile.


Thursday, 15 March 2012 

Your Kendra Wilkinson Mayor Longer Effective

Kendra Wilkinson Da veee eeee teee peoples call her cat da ripper and we put da pads in her carrier since she scratches ebberyone who trize to git her outs. your mayor is no longer effective. better to get that stick out of your eye and start looking around for what really happening to this country on his watch and stop listening to state run media from msnbc, cnn and fox news. if this hints Kendra Wilkinson anything about the comic i like it ) now the guesses will with who o_o is he a lover of rhys s. though dave would call me something along the lines of a silly fangirl, i want only to express my thanks in not only making such an amazing series, but thank you for being the reason i have met so many amazing people.